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Breed Standards of the American
Romeldale/ CVM Sheep

According to the American Romeldale/CVM Registry (ARCR)

FACE generally open-faced although some wool is found on the forehead. Eyes should be large, clear and alert with ears medium in size and generally horizontal.

BODY sturdy and well boned with a long straight back. Neck and shoulders should be largely free of skin folds. Legs should be strong, medium in length with pasterns strong and upright. Sheep should move well with a free, easy walk.

RAMS weigh from 225 to 275 lbs. and are determined, virile breeders able to cover more than the average number of ewes. Rams should appear strongly masculine.

EWES weigh from 140 to 175 lbs. and are prolific and long-lived. They should have a feminine appearance. Ewes should be excellent mothers who are very protective & having milk enough to easily raise twins.

LAMBING twinning and ease of lambing are part of the breed emphasis. If left with the ram, ewes have been known to breed while still suckling lambs.

FLEECE annually, each sheep grows an average of 6 to 12 pounds of washed wool with an average yield of 65%. Fleece should be bright, dense and uniform front to britch. Belly wool shall only be allowed on the belly. Staple length averages 3 to 6 inches with a Bradford Count of 60 to 64 (or equivalent micron count). The wool is soft and can be worn "next to the skin". The wool should have a well-defined crimp from base to tip with no kemp present.

COLOR Romeldales come in two varieties. White and Natural Colored. White Romeldales should have entirely white fleeces. They may have spots on their face, ears or legs. Natural Colored Romeldales come in a variety of colors including: black, gray, brown and moorit. Natural Colored Romeldales can be solid, reverse badger and can have spots particularly prevalent on their faces. They may also have darker legs than their body.

The California Variegated Mutant (CVM's):

CVM's have the same standards as the American Romeldale with the exception of markings and color. CVM's might also have spots but must have the badger pattern as well.

MARKINGS A CVM must have the badger markings, which are stripes from the muzzle to the eyes, and/or dark legs and underbelly. Unlike most breeds, CVMs will not fade with age but may darken from birth to their first year.

COLOR CVM's come in a wide variety of colors including dark gray, black, brown and moorit.
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