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Both the farm and the mill are no longer in operation.
Thank you for supporting us for all these years.
We are now enjoying our retirement.

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T-Bone and Silky have moved on to other farms. We have decided to stop breeding, at least for now.
NEWAIM Farm is a small family farm established in 1999 and located in Waldoboro, Maine. We sell Romeldale-CVM wool in the form of raw fleece, roving and yarn. We find great joy in our life here on the farm. Nancy works here full time. I was a manager at I&S Insulation (I retired fall 2016) and also have a small web design company called Dog Bone Design.

We raise most of our own food with vegetables from our garden, eggs from our laying hens, and meat from pigs and meat birds . The house is heated from wood harvested from our land. It is a lot of work, but there is a great deal of satisfaction in knowing where your food comes from.

The CVM's to NEWAIM Farm in 2009. We chose this breed for several reasons. First we feel it is important to retain the genetics of rare breeds. Today's factory farming strives to maximize production at all costs. Animals are selectively bred to enhance consistent production traits. Any breeds that don't fit easily into this mold are not kept. If at some point industry finds that it has focused on the wrong traits, it is important that other genetics are still available to breed back in what was selected out. Ok, I will get back off the soap box.

We also wanted a dual purpose sheep that would provide us with a high quality wool while still giving us ample meat for our freezer. The CVM fits this bill with fleece having a Bradford Count of 60-64 (20-23 microns), good staple length, and a wide variety of natural colors. Shearing weights will range from 6-12 pounds annually. CVM's are fairly large with ewes weighing 140-175 lbs and rams weighing 225-275 lbs. and producing a good quality carcass

There is a stong demand for breeding stock. Small niche farms are springing up all over the country. Many of these farms want to raise something that makes them a bit unique. The CVM fits the bill. They are rare, hardy, good mothers and easy to care for. All traits that are important to a small farm.

And last, but not least, CVM stands for California Variegated Mutant. Is that cool or what?

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